Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hot Garlic Noodles

I love Indo-Chinese food..i can have it everyday for days together before i get tired of it. Every time my husband and i decide to have a meal out, i end up dragging him to some Chinese restaurant.  
As i was going through the archives the other day i realized that i had not posted any Indian Chinese recipes in a while. So i decided to blog about one of my favorites -Hot Garlic Noodles. 
Incidentally, I recently read up some interesting trivia on Indian Chinese food. Indian Chinese cuisine as we know today was developed by the Chinese community living in Calcutta for over a hundred years. Chinese food available in India now has been significantly modified to suit the Indian palate. Dishes such as Cauliflower Manchurian and Chicken Manchurian bear little resemblance to the traditional Chinese cuisine*.
Hot Garlic Noodles (serves 3-4)


Noodles           - 300 grams
Carrots           - 2 big (julienned/cut into thin long strips)
Beans             - 100 grams (julienned)
Capsicum          - 2 (julienned)
Cabbage           - 1 small (shredded)
Leeks             - 1/2 a stick
Spring onions     - 1/2 a cup (chopped)
Red chillies      - 15
Garlic            - 5 (big)
Ajinomoto         - 1 tsp
Soya sauce        - 2 tsp
Oil               - 5 tbsp

Bring plenty of salted water to boil in a large vessel. Add the noodles and a tsp of oil to this. Cook till the noodles are done. Drain the water and keep the noodles aside. 
Grind garlic and red chillies coarsely. Add oil to a large pan. Once hot add the garlic red chilli paste. Once the raw smell leaves add leeks, spring onions, carrots & beans. Saute the vegetables and cook it till the carrots and beans are about half done. Now add the cabbage, capsicum, ajinomoto and soya sauce. Cook the vegetables till it is almost done (about 3/4th done so that the vegetables are cooked yet crunchy). Turn off the heat.
Mix the noodles well with the vegetables. Once mixed well turn the heat on and cook the noodles on slow heat so that the sauces mix well with the noodles.
Serve hot!! 

I did not make too spicy, if you like you may up the number of red chillies to suit your tastes.


Am sending recipe this to "Flavours of Cuisines - Chinese" @ Erivum Puliyum
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