Monday, June 9, 2014

Kerala Chicken Roast

I predominantly cook vegetarian dishes, but i am always willing to make chicken (chicken alone) once in a way if my husband agrees to clean it for me. My husband comes from a family where a week seldom goes by without meat a couple of times. While he is not a compulsive meat eater, he definitely enjoys having it once or a twice a month. 
So the last time he wanted to have chicken, i decided to make one of the specialities from my homeland, Kerala Chicken Roast. I looked up a dozen recipes online and came up with my own version of it. Generally the marinated chicken is deep fried and sauteed in the onion-tomato masala. I decided to shallow fry it instead. Also to give it an authentic kerala taste i used coconut oil for cooking. I made the roast using two large whole leg pieces (about 500 gms) as i feel that it is the best cut of chicken and is very juicy and flavorful. 
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